Posted on Mai 9, 2012

Dark Waters Rising – Thoughts

A friendly and welcoming world!

The RPC 2012 went by the name “Dark Waters” – the byline of Risen 2 which I discovered to be one of the true highlights at the con. My other personal favourites were Satinavs Ketten (Yes, I am a huge Daedalic fanboy), the Jan Hegenberg concert (thumbs up for nerd music!) and, of course, the cosplay. But not everything was great at the con. I had to learn that the usual gamescom problem of incredible loud stages does not mix well with playing games in the same hall. And the workshops were a huge disappointment. They sounded really cool and I had marked a few in my calendar – only to learn that in most cases it was all about self-representation. Also many of the small events were at the same time, so you had to choose to which you would go and to forget about the others!

After this introduction one could be under the impression that I was displeased with the convention. But not at all! Walking around and experiencing this world (especially in the outdoor area – fuck you rain) was incredible! As they promised: a convention from roleplayers for roleplayers. It was also a pretty informative event and some things I inquired deeper.

What I took from the weekend

A face no baby could resist!

First of all, I learned that the sights of orcs can calm down babies. Who would have guessed? When watching the Jan Hegenberg concert at the outside area, a boy of maybe twelve months was staring vaguely in my direction, his mouth wide open with fascination. He continued to look in that direction for about 15 minutes, then started to wave furiously without pause. When I looked behind me I saw a guy, dressed up as an orc, who was watching the concert. He realized that the baby was watching him and waved back. The little thing went nuts! But when the orc stepped closer, it hid in the arms of his mother and everyone started to concentrate on the stage again. The baby continued his waving and didn’t stop until the orc was gone. Also – great concert Jan!

Another cool part was the costume competition sponsored by Zotac. But why was it the only one? There were so many different costumes and all of them were excellent. I would have loved to see more competitions with specified categories, so that everyone would have had a chance to shine. Also, watching that from the comfort of a seat would have been a very welcome change to walking around all day! Some of the costumes we saw this weekend were incredibly spooky. My friend was so scared of the evil Santa that she wouldn’t ask for a picture and the big Jawa wandering the halls with his big bright eyes was even worse. When he was walking behind us I felt like something utterly evil was following me! But if you have seen the pictures I posted on Monday, you already know about the high level of professionalism going into the costumes. I would like to point out again that those people are just visitors – with better costumes than many of those who put them on for money. And these true believers of this culture (and of the other sex) are what I find so incredible attractive.

Oh and I bought a nerf gun. I swear, I really needed it!

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