Posted on Mai 7, 2012

Dark Waters Rising

The two days in Cologne were rather exhausting – I had been ill the week before and was still feeling under the weather. But I did manage to spend every open hour at RPC wandering the halls! Actually that was what I did most of the time: Wandering. It was a very different experience to the years I had been waiting in line at the gamescom. Here it’s more like a market place – where everything is interesting, even the people. I somehow understand my ex girlfriend now with her crazy idea of  going window-shopping! In that spirit: Let’s start off this week with an impression in pictures. A written report will follow on Wednesday. Enjoy!

The Beauties

She seems oddly familiar!

Is she famous or something? Or maybe I have just stalked her facebook page before. If you’re looking for beautiful women in extrordinary costumes – here you go! And don’t worry, many of them went with far less fabric.

Click here for the Beauties

Music and the Strange

Commander it seems that the enemy is equipped with nothing more than swords!

The collaboration of all kinds of different worlds created some rather funny situations: a Captain Jack Morgan next to a freakishly scary Santa Claus, a Captain America that gets confused by an elf or a heavily armed post-apocalyptic army attacking a bunch of medieval style LARPers! I also put some Jan Hegenberg pictures into this category (hence the inclusion of “Music” in the title and, let’s admit, some of Jan’s songs can be rather strange too!).

Click here for Music and the Strange

The Food

Orcs have to eat at conventions, too!

One of the unexpected perks of visiting a roleplay convention was the food. It’s much different to the stuff I usually eat at such events but everything tasted really good and I especially loved watching people eat while staying in character!

Click her for the Food

Fun and Games

A new way to save money in the military

Too bad Germany changed his Secretary of Defence, the old one could have copied this idea. Other useful stuff to improve our lives inside the gallery!

Click here for Fun and Games

Welcome Back

So that was the RPC 2012 like I saw it, or at least – my camera. Despite the bad weather it was a lot of fun and I am sure to return next year. If you were there somewhere too or just liked what you saw in the galleries, feel free to like my page on facebook or to comment below. Any additional infos, witty remarks and trash talk are welcome!


  • Phil sagt:

    I really enjoyed your comments on the pictures :D
    keep up that work, don’t get to spamming the spam!

  • Joana sagt:

    About the mistery girl thing- i thought about going to the rpc and didnt knew how to dress, so i just made a costume myself. Therefore: Its no cosplay, sorry (But i do thought a bit about mad hatters hattress..;))


    • Robin sagt:

      So that’s you in the picture, nice! I say it still counts as cosplay only that you also invented a new character – Joana the part time Hattres! :)

  • Lynn sagt:

    Looks like you had a lot of fun! But I think you should have taken a few pics of male ‘beauties’. A few soldiers here and there, don’t be sexist. Maybe I should go myself next time and help you spot those. ;)

  • Robert JimBob Gaida sagt:

    Regarding the Fun and Games-Department – the picture with “Or with… dude, I have no idea!”.
    Well, that was my table at the playing ground organized by “Gilde der Fantasyrollenspieler”.
    And it´s “Rough Nights at the Tortuga Inn!” a little brawl with the Savage Worlds Engine played with
    Playmobil Toys. Also we did “Sports 50 b.c.” a Gladiatorbattle with – guess – Playmobil Gladiators.
    Quite funny quiet bloody.
    We do Seabattles, historical battles with Playmo. No painting required, no problems with transport, and they are cheaper than lead minis.
    (So i´m to lazy or incompetend to paint minis.)

    Greetings from Germany
    Robert aka JimBob

    • Robin sagt:

      I knew I should have taken the time to inquire further but after watching soooo many games the sight of your setup was just overkill. :) Thanks for the explanation though – especially the last aspect sounds convincing!

  • Robert JimBob Gaida sagt:

    I´ve got time to plan and play or to paint – and maybe play someday…..
    Carpe Diem! Play now, maybe later dead.
    Our seabattle got eight Playmobil-Ships on a 2,5x4m table. And we got always female gamers….”Oh,don´t they look cute! I just must sink them!”


  • Johnk206 sagt:

    Hello! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I really enjoy eaddedagfegf