It's me!


Hey there! Robin here.

I’ m a 25 year old student from Germany with a wide field of interests including Environmental Science (which i study) and various forms of entertainment (in which I actually invest most of my time). If you give me a good serialized TV show, a book or a video game I’ll be lost in it for as long as it takes me to get through.  In a ongoing struggle to keep myself in shape I am also in possesion of a gym membership. Not sure if that counts as an activity though.

At the moment I live in a shared flat at a dormitory near the University of Trier. I have two sisters, a brother and parents that are still in a healthy relationship with each other (Nice work guys!) and a couple of good friends that I have to maintain over the internet. Damn, I really wish I would live somewhere closer to home.

After my graduation I’m looking forward to do some more creative work than the sciency stuff I’m doing right now.  But I’m not really sure in what direction it  will take me. Journalism or media sciene would be interesting. Oh and of course I want to earn enough money to finally move out of the dorms and into the real world!


What to expect

Barely Entertaining is my personal website. I blog about the stuff I do, review things I liked and share my short stories with you. And I will post everything no matter how stupid, if it made me laugh or smile.



If you want to contact me, please do so using If you would like to get a headsup on whenever I post something new, feel free to like me on Facebook!