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My Treasure!

A welcome surprise for me was the game Risen 2. I loved the first two Gothic games and Risen 2  looks just like the successor I always wanted. Of course it’s pirates and stuff but it still looks and feels like Gothic! Piranha Bytes is now definitly back on my radar.

With Satinavs Ketten I knew from the beginning that it would be the game that would interest me the most. I watched the presentation on my first day, thought it looked decent on the wall and expected it to be stunning on my screen at home. On the second day I also tried to play it but Daedelic had only three PCs running the game which were always occupied! In the late afternoon, when people started to go home, I figured there should be a spot open for me soon. But Daedalic had also left already and taken their PCs with them. That made me really sad – until I found out that you could play it at the Buffed booth, too! So I took a seat and played about an hour until I got stuck. Up to that point the game was really easy and I almost belive that you couldn’t progress past this point (Saving the girl from the mob). There were some save games later in the story but I didn’t want to spoiler myself! The humour and the world are much more subtle then its Daedalician predecessors and fit perfectly to the source material. It all feels more like a Broken Sword instead of a Monkey Island. The adventure was originally scheduled for release on march the 23rd and then delayed to some annoyingly far away point in the future. But after finally playing it, I say it’s worth the waiting!

Another thing that got hold of me were the LARPs. Surprisingly this last stronghold of nerd culture never appealed to me. But the battles I watched between mediveal warriors and the undead looked like a lot of fun. Then I realised that the Fallout-style people, at the beginning of the hall (right next to the videogames), were not professional “decoration” for a new game but LARP players from the Armee des Stahls! I really wouldn’t mind participating in one of their games sometime!

I wonder if they could hook me up with a Brahmin steak.

See you next year!

Of course there were many more things to discover and I would have loved to play some more board games or to try a new table top but two days are only 48 hours and that’s all I got. So, that’s what I thought about the RPC 2012 – the pros and cons. If you would like to see something more than just words on the topic check out the pictures I posted on Monday.

If you have something to add or maybe even know how I could have gotten Nuri off that crumbly wall, fell free to comment!

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