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Five Days Outside

It’s August! And what do European nerds do in August? They travel to the Gamescom! For as long as I can remember (which is admittedly not the longest period in time) I have gone there, too. But as I recently discovered: I did it wrong. Apparently the full Gamescom experience does also include staying at the Gamescom camp. Whatever led to the strange combination of Video Games and the Outside world will remain a mystery to me, but every place that greets me with a big screen and a Mario Kart tournament is my kind of place! Still I was worried about basic needs like electricity, tables or the Internet! But they were prepared, somewhat.

The Camp itself was not really about resting or a good nights sleep. It was about meeting like minded people, about giving your inner nerd some time outside and about doing campy stuff involving body contact and intoxicating liquids. Although the camp was a bit too heavy on the male side of the population for my taste. It was definitely the first time I had to wait for 40 minutes to take a shower or use the toilet while the girls just went through into their deserted bathroom. But still, I will definitely be there again next year!

See the Gallery: Gamescom Camp

You can take civilization out of a gamer but you cannot take the gamer out of civilization.

The Inside Attractions

After my positive experience with sleeping outdoors I was ready to be the first to roam the halls. From our tent it took us 9 minutes and 21 seconds to the nearest entrance (Yes, I timed it). But after the first day we just took it slow. Somehow even when you were the first to walk into the halls there were still people already waiting in line. There was enough to see though, even when you were just walking around. And I know what you all want to see. Not the trailers you can find on youtube or pictures of the masses cattling into the halls. Admit it. You want to see the booth babes! Refined and concentrated for an easy click through.

See the Gallery: Gamescom Babes

Even before I travelled to Cologne I had a special mission: Find some muscle! My baby sister personally requested to see more of the male kind of eyecandy. And while it was rather hard finding those exhibits I did my best to come through. So here are: The Lynn Files – Raw testosterone.

See the Gallery: Gamescom Man-Babes

Connecting to Queue

Ah yes! There is one thing I haven’ talked about yet. I am pretty sure they also had games at… Gamescom. And if you waited for an hour or two you could actually play them. Or see some badass presentations. The Last of Us and the new Tomb Raider should be mentioned here – great shows that proved how many emotions you can already bring into a videogame! If you’d come to Gamescom to watch esports there were some good and some bad news. While they did have a lot of great games they lacked space in front of the stages. Almost all the time everything was so crowded that you had no chance to grab a look. I guess exhibition space is expensive but let’s all hope they build some bigger stage next time.

Five hours of waiting - and people still lined in!

As you can see in the picture Assassin’s Creed was the heavy weight when it comes to waiting in 2012. I’ve heard rumours that some people even waited for 8 hours  straight. Just to play a few minutes at a game that will already be out in about six weeks! I do get that in highly competative strategy game like Starcraft, where you want to get a feel for the new units and stuff, but why would you do that to yourself in single player?

Also I had this rather weird observation: When I asked the attendants if I was waiting for a presentation or playing myself, they always answered as if it was a bad thing when they put on a show and if it was a good thing if I got to play for like 10 minutes. Now how the hell did they get that idea?

Normally I like to talk in detail about… ok, just everything, but for once I think that should be left to the big gaming sites and I will keep it personal. So here are my top 5 games of 2012!

My Top Five at Gamescom 2012

Now I could end this with a pretentious conclusion or some generic closing words but I rather choose to write a note to my future self. Some words of wisdom I have used so many times in every single year at Gamescom. And which I always forget: Next year, bring a fucking chair!

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