My Top Five at Gamescom 2012

I was rather busy the weeks before Gamescom and I hadn’t really had any games on my radar when I arrived. But I do have now! As I am currently not in posession of any consoles and my PC is slowly dying, it seems that their are some expensive times ahead. But that’s a problem for another day – for now I will just drool all over the trailers.


Remeber Me was one of the few announcements they made at Gamescom. And for me, it was a big one. I love the Cyberpunk theme (Kinda obvious when you look at my favorite book) and I enjoyed the recent Deus Ex, a lot! While these games look pretty similar, I really do not mind at all! The one complaint I’m having is that this was just announcent! But hey there are four more games on this list. I can wait, if I have to.


XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Even though I am old, for a gamer, I never played the XCOM series. I did play Jagged Alliance though and loved it! But after the huge dissapointment that was Fallout Tactics I somehow forgot about this genre. And I guess, so did the industry. When I played XCOM: Enemy Unknow last week I wasn’t expecting much. It was a short line and I thought “Why not?”. But then it hit me! Not only did I remeber how much I love those kind of games. I was amazed about how good it was! Every aspect was like exactly what I would have asked for – if I had know about the game before. And the best thing? It ships next month!

The Last of Us. That game was somewhat hidden at Sony but after I watched the presentation, I was sold. It’s a survial game that takes place after some apocalyptic event. You know deserted cities, humanity at the brink of extinction and… zombies! But from what I have seen The Last of Us is more about how the survivors interact with each other and not just about monsters and stuff. Also, while both main characters looked incredible, all I could think of was “Hey, that’s Ellen Page!” I was wrong though, she does star in a game called Beyond two Souls but not in this one. I have read that the developers even changed the model to make the female lead look less like Ellen Page and more like the actress that is actually playing the character. Somehow that didn’t work on me. I am not sure about the gameplay yet but the trailer is already my favorite of the year. That song is a winner!


Tomb Raider. In addition to the trailer they showed 40 minutes of gameplay and while I was never a big fan of the series I do respect it’s impact on videogame culture. You could say that changend after the presentation. I’m a fan now! Hollywood discoverd the power in “coming of age ” stories years ago and I am really glad that the reimagination of the Tomb Raider franchise took this very direction. I’m sure it will pay out Spiderman style! Plus, it looks like they finally managed to mix survial and action gameplay without making any compromises. So with these improvments in gameplay and story I think I will get me a new Playstation!


Sim City. Yes, my range of games is pretty wide. I just always enjoyed creating cities, playing god and tampering with small peoples lives. I haven’t seen any real innovations in the game and the guy who talked about it kept on repeating nonsense about some glassbox that is so powerful in doing everything and nothing at all (I watched that speech five times while waiting in line and I am pretty sure I could have given it myself). But the online features in Sim City do look like fun and I am starved for a good simulation game. Still a bit of competition in this nieche wouldn’t be a bad thing!

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