Come on take a picture – it will last longer.

I guess that’s especially true when your easily distracted and amazed by everything around you. So why aren’t ADD kids and potheads always bringing their camera? Hell I don’t know, maybe the would just lose it. But I try to think of it whenever I got something interesting as I do share a lot of characteristics with both of these demographic groups.

Have you seen my Unicorn? - People seem to be missing a lot of  weird stuff but don’t worry because there are also free Pokémon and Wookiees around.

The Art of Flight - These are just the pictures I chose to go with the review. If you want to read the real thing, here you go!

Dark Waters Rising - My impression of the RPC 2012 in Cologne. If you wanted to look at beautiful ladies (and lots of nerd stuff), this is the right place. Or you can go and read my thoughts know.

Gamescom 2012 - All about the pictures!