Oh. I just realized – how am I supposed to make snappy comments on random women promoting random stuff?

That’s better! Give a women a gun instead of a flyer and she will leave a far greater impression.

Okay, theoretically three girls with guns should be even better.

 You see what they did here? Count the girls and tell me which was the best part in the Final Fantasy series!

The one good part of a new football game in every year at Gamescom!

I should sell protective body armor. And tell them of the pain a stomach wound will cause.

One of the four girls was so ugly it wasn’t allowed to show it’s face!

Apparently Katie Holmes and Scientology want you to know that “Size always matters”

Wow, she actually looks like the girl from the game.

That one was to cute for her own health. Nobody realized  her shoe was untied – until she stumbled and died.

These beautiful and very threatening ladies want you to stay on my site. Well, better go to page 2 then!

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