Working hard.

The day I discoverd the colour blue. Moments later everything became grey!

Let me see that!

Over the years I have tried a lot of random stuff and I liked more of it than I would have ever expected. But there is also a lot of shit floating around which one would rather avoid. So lean back and let me introduce you to some of men’s finest accomplishments. Well tested and approved by the commitee of my own fucking opinion.




Neuromancer - No,  that is not the class they have forgotten to introduce in Diablo 3 – it is a book of certain significance to modern culture and, more important, my favorite one.

Deponia - A classical 2D Point and Click Adventure.

The Art of Flight -  The Art of Flight is a highly cinematic snowboarding documentary. It introduces some beautiful scenery, crazy stunts and of course sick snowboarding skills.

Dark Waters Rising - My thoughts on the RPC 2012

Gamescom 2012 – All about the pictures!