The Hero of Deponia

Rufus, our hero.

So I heard you like to throw stuff away…

And at least at some point, someone on Deponia must have followed our modern way of life. For everyone unfamiliar with the game, or the adventure genre itself: Deponia is a classical 2D Point and Click Adventure (You point on something, you click it , simple as that) in which you try to escape from the wasted planet into the orbiting utopia “Elysium”. But it’s not just nostalgia that makes this game great and in my opinion the single best adventure since the original two Monkey Islands. It’s the quality in which every aspect of it is executed. It’s like 3D Movies but the other way around.

A simple verdict

For once, as a German, I didn’t have to go with the original version or wait for it to be translated. But everyone else has to. While I could play it. And I did simply fucking love playing it. I know I will do so again when it comes out in English. Just to see how the humor survived the translation process. But for now I pity everyone not yet able to play it while the international release date is still to be announced.

A scene from the game Deponia

Some people's waste can be other people's ... home.

What we’re dealing with

The game itself is split in to three stages and finishes with a ‘to be continued’ after about 10 hours of play. It is indeed rather short, especially if you are an experienced adventurer, but it’s not as expensive as those blockbuster games and I was fully satisfied with the cost-play ratio. The successor is already scheduled for release from September  this year and a third game is planned to close up the story.

And with that we come to the most important aspect of the Game: The puzzles.  I was very pleased that they were nearly all solvable by slightly modified logical thinking. (You have to adapt somehow if you encounter a running toothbrush or phosphorous cotton candy) and those I got stuck on were resolved in the next session. In addition to the usual inventory puzzles there are riddles to mix things up. Like owl juggling, drag racing and controlled nuking – the later just to avoid queues at the city hall. Let’s seriously hope no one will consider that as a life hack.

Droggelbecher? Droggelbecher!

Nowadays it’s all about casual and core gamers. If you beat this game you will in fact get an extra hardcore mode to play with. But this rather unusual move for an adventure game is not to be taken too seriously. I am pretty sure that not even a World of Warcraft gamer would play through an adventure where every word is exchanged for “Droggelbecher” just to beat it. But I have seen someone crazy enough to try on youtube!

Finally, all praise aside. If you like the looks, and are not irritated by it’s absurd humor, go for it. Adventure veteran or interested young ling you will have fun with this.