You weren’t really expecting a review, were you?

Crap! Let me think. We built the Pyramids, reached Space and created life. But somehow someone made it possible to have a combination of meat and cheese that’s more delicious than any other food you have ever tasted.

For your Baby!
No teeth? No problem!

Okay, maybe I oversold the power of Lasagna a little bit, but it is tasty. And like the other basic student food groups (Pizza, fries and egg rolls) you can buy it at the store, put it in your freezer and heat it when you’re hungry. I assure you it will still taste surprisingly good. And if you have ever had two pounds of Lasagna on a lazy sunday afternoon, you will know how good a suprise nap can feel. But there is more to Lasagna than a frozen dinner for lazy college students and stressed out mums. The variations of this dish are endless and some are rather odd. But if you’re really craving some Lasagna flavoured baby food or some atrocity completely lacking any cheese or meat, who am I to judge? Even Ronald Garan, an astronaut who spent 178 days in space, expressed once that the only enjoyable astronaut food is in fact… Lasagna.

No. You shall have no more!

On a more serious note Lasagna is healthier than other kinds of  ”fast food”. It is full of carbs, fat and calories,but if you somehow manage to eat only a reasonable amount of it you should be fine. And for the know it all of the google generation who would like to impress their date with a easy home cooked meal and some rather useless knowledge – don’t bother checking Wikipedia. It’s rather blank on this important topic and only claims that “Lasagna” originated from ancient Greece, not Italy. So if you ever dine in hell, ask for a Lasagna and tell me how it went.