Let’s make it better!

A day at school can be pretty boring and when I realised that I have no class on mondays (at least during this semester), I decided that my fellow students deserved a break. So, I was inspired by the internet and created a distraction. And somehow that distraction ended up on campus today.  I then boldly skipped church and went out with my friend Joy to take some pictures ( Actually she brought the equipment and was the one taking the pictures but who’s counting).  There are twelve motifs in total and most of them are up several times. So if you happen to be here tomorrow you will see them – If not, here you go (click on the pictures to enlarge):

Are you running late?

 I guess on a Monday most of us would take a yes on this one. Or on any other day that ends with a “y”.

 It’s dangerous to go solo!

These are some very wise words and I guess you never know when a Wookie will come in handy. Always remember: Tearing the arms off someone who gave you a bad grade is not as easy as it looks!

Have you seen this bird?

Can you eat it? Will it protect your house when your on holiday? Will it at least decorate your car in a modern fashion? What exactly are those things good for? Beats me.

Are you happy?

Finally! A flyer that speaks to the illiterate part of the student body. Or those still too drunk to read in any more than the ancient egyptian hieroglyphics of smiley faces.

Have you seen my Unicorn?

This one’s pretty serious, I’ve heard there aren’t that many Unicorns around anymore. So if you do happen to find it, that’s a pretty epic feat. But most likely you’re still wasted from the weekend.

Mama, take this badge off me!

Such sad eyes. You simply have to help him carry his burden. At least he’s not playing with guns anymore!

Have you seen these droids?

They must have finished combing the desert. But I am pretty sure these aren’t the droids you’re looking for.

Have you seen this flyer?

That’s a pretty good question. Have I? Or is everything I experience just an illusion created by my own mind. And if so, is it still true?

Take a free piece of paper!

That’s nice. I think I heard somewhere that students aren’t doing anything other than partying. So something to write the number of your newest conquest down on should be useful. If only there was a digital alternative to that…

Take only the primes

 I guess it could have asked for Goldbach’s conjecture, the Riemann hypothesis or if there is an infinite number of Wieferich primes. But hey it’s only Monday! Let’s leave some for the rest of the week!

Have you seen this dog?

Don’t worry he is as  surprised as you to find you here!

It’s dangerous to go alone

When Professor Oak offers you a free  Pokémon you better take it. Our you could get caught in the high grass all by yourself – I’ve heard that could lead to an irrational fear of bug type creatures.

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